Our fares

Within the city boundaries of Rostock it is obligatory that all taxis abide to the local tariff regulations. The transportation fees for this area have been laid down as follows:

Transportation fees

Day (6 a.m. to 10 p.m.) Night (10 p.m. to 6 a.m.)
Basic charge 3.90 € 4.00 €
Additional fares per kilometre:
the first 2 kilometres 4.10 € 4.30 €
from the 2nd kilometre 2.20 € 2.30 €
Waiting time / per hour 38.00 € 38.00 €
Minivans (5 - 8 persons) 8.00 € surcharge 8.00 € surcharge
1. The taximeter displays the current fare in intervals of 0.10 €.
2. In case the journey does not take place for reasons caused by the customer double of the basic charge, which equals day 5.40 € / night 5.60 € is due. This is the case after the order has been placed and the taxi has arrived at the location, regardless of costs incurred due to waiting time.
3. Surcharge for large-capacity taxis: For the explicit order of a large-capacity taxi, which is suitable for the transportation of 5 to 8 passengers, or the transportation of more than 4 passengers, resp., an additional fee of 8.00 € will be charged.
4. The transportation fee has to be paid after the termination of the journey. However, the taxi driver is also entitled to charge the transportation fee in advance.
5. If the journey includes a toll road ‐ either on the shortest way to the destination or according to the explicit wish of the passenger ‐ the toll has to be paid by the passenger (or the benefactor, resp.) in addition to the transportation fee calculated by the taximeter.
6. Waiting time includes every stoppage of the taxi during the journey demanded by the passenger, caused by traffic, or caused by other reasons the driver is not responsible for.