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Additionally to calling us, you can also order a taxi online. Just enter your address of origin and your destination and one of our taxis will pick you up. You can also learn about prices or check for the next vacant taxi. Unless stipulated otherwise, the fare is to be paid upon arrival at your destination.

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Order your taxi to your location all over Europe, within Germany, and around Rostock with only two clicks. You can simply install the app on your smart phone. If you want to order a taxi, the app will locate you and if necessary, you can change or correct the detected address. You will see immediately when the next taxi arrives at your location and trace its journey directly on your display.

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We move Rostock!

Welcome to our website. We are not only a company for passenger transport but a reliable partner of the people of Rostock and our guests from all over the world. We would like to take the chance to introduce ourselves and give you an overview of our offers and services.

Hanse-Taxi Rostock transports the people of our city and our welcome guests, provides jobs for many taxi drivers and supports them on their way to self-employment. Furthermore, we offer repairs of your personal vehicle in our garage. Hanse-Taxi is the market leader in Rostock with 90% of all registered taxis.

Our taxi office is one of the most modern in Germany due to the high standard equipment and innovative software of our switchboard and vehicles. At up to three workstations your orders are taken twenty-four-seven and distributed to ca. 185 taxis. Our program knows all streets in Rostock and the surrounding areas, including particularities, such as one-way streets and pedestrian areas.